Saturday 7 January 2017


RoadkillSoda are, Mircea Petrescu (vocals and rhythm guitar), Mihnea Ferezan  ( guitar), Victor Ferezan (bass) and  Mihai Nicolau (drums),  the four Buchares based musicians have previously released three studio albums and are currently promoting their fourth album "Space Echo & Time"
RoadkillSoda's "Space Echo & Time" manages to achieve a duo of firsts for Desert Psychlist, firstly RoadkillSoda are the first Romanian band to have graced these pages and secondly the band new album "Space Echo & Time" is the sites first 'acoustic' album review.

The first thing to initially hit the listener is how damn good these songs sound, even without the help of a stack of amps behind them, the strong grooves the band are renowned for still  remain but are infused with an almost laid back campfire quality (not surprising  seeing as the album was recorded in a mountain shack) that is both refreshing and delightful.
The album mixes up old favourites with new material and "new boy" Petrescu tackles both magnificently bringing a down home bluesier southern feel to the proceedings with his gritty stoner raw tones. Of the newer songs it is probably "Aural Lake" that shines the brightest, it's mix of psych ambience and  unplugged stoner groove perfectly suited to its "semi" acoustic setting.
An acoustic album might not be what RoadkillSoda fans were expecting for a fourth album so it has taken quite a bit of courage on the bands behalf to have released "Space Echo & Time"  but is a move  that Desert Psychlist, on the strength of this album, wholly endorses.
Check it out .....

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