Tuesday 15 November 2016


Massive seems such a small word when faced with the overpowering strength and might of down tuned and heavy riffage, Italian doomeisters, Megatherium unleash on their new opus, monolithic might be a better word but "mono" conjures up images of something one dimensional and being on an even level with no light or shade and that is something you would be hard pushed to accuse "Superbeast" of.

"Prayer to The Ox" a short piece with an almost orchestral strings effect, opens proceedings then fades to silence before all hell breaks loose and second track "Refuse to Shine" rips through the air, a huge wall of  bass heavy distorted groove hitting the listener like a sledgehammer pulverising the senses. In the middle of this arena of riffage and rhythm vocalist Manuele "Manu" stands bellowing the songs lyrics, his voice a mix of full on sludge roar and clean, melodic stoner wail.
This deliciously dark blend of sludge. doom and heavy stoner rock crammed full of powerful vocals, scorching guitar solos and riffs, bone crushing bass and tumultuous drumming flows like a river throughout the eleven tracks that make up "Superbeast" with highlights being the excellent " Fly High" with its catchy string bending motif superbly executed by Davide "Borto", the epic "Twiceman" with it's clever use of effects, atmospherics and vocal stylings and " Slow Down" with it's chugging Sabbath-esque riff coated in grunge/alt-like vocals.In truth there is not a track on the album that does not deserve attention, each and every one has something within it to drool and slaver over.

Megatherium are Manuele "Manu"(vocals and FX), Davide "Borto" (guitar), Fabio‘Zekimmortal’(bass, vocals) and Stefano ‘Torre’(drums). remember their names because Desert Psychlist  predicts you will be hearing a hell of a lot more about these guys in the future.
Check 'em out.....

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