Saturday 12 November 2016


Soul, is not something one usually associates with the underground rock scene so it is refreshing to come across a band who not only can lay down a gnarly barrage of riffage but can lift your spirit too.
Indighost, Dan Fehr (guitar), Cody Gilmer (guitar), Randi Denton (vocals), Quentin Garrett (bass) and Taylor Cogdill (drums) are from Johnson City, Tennessee and are quintet with soul in abundance. The band released their debut EP "Treeline" in 2015 and have just recently followed this up with the release of their first full length album "Hierophant" (2016).

Hierophant is an eclectic mix of stoner fuzz, heady psych and soulful hard rock all crammed into eleven tracks of totally essential and diverse music. From the soulful country blues of "Black Mountain" through the off-kilter desert grooves of "Hexensohn" and "Sleepwalker", the jazzy indie rock of "Mystery Is The Best Kind Of Magic" to the stonerized Appalachian grunge of "Rainkid", every song has something within it to relish and adore. Denton's vocals dominate proceedings, soaring above the excellent warm fuzzy backdrops the rest of the band provide with soulful abandon, her tones powerful and assured with just a hint of bluesy holler. Fehr, as well as providing a vocal foil to Denton, does a wonderful job on laying down the fuzz with fellow guitarist Gilmer, the pair combining to deliver swathes of scintillating guitar colouring over and around Codgill and Garrett's solid and impressive drum and bass work.
Heirophant is a little different from the usual heavy riffed, doom laden,70's hard rock inspired fare found among the pages of Desert Psychlist but that is no reason to skip over it and move on to something else, this is an album full of strong songs ,well written and superbly performed and one that deserves to be heard!
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