Tuesday 8 September 2015


Vancouver's 88 Mile Trip first came to my notice about a year and a half ago when I chanced upon their self titled EP, over at Bandcamp, and was blown away by their catchy stoner /desert grooves and intrigued by the unique quirky bellow of their vocalist. It's been two years since that EP was released and apart from releasing a live EP " Live In The DTES" nothing much has been heard from the band. Well that all changed this month with the release of the bands first full length album "Through The Thickest Haze"

"Through The Thickest Haze" continues the 88 Mile Trip story with an album full to the brim with fuzzy catchy riffs, hard driving angular rhythms and of course those superb slightly off-kilter vocals.
Within the nine songs of "Through The Thickest Haze" the listener will find elements of stoner, classic hard rock, psych, punk and good old rock'n'roll, all blended together under a glorious blanket of fuzz and distortion. As the band said in an interview with MetalTitans.com "We aren’t here to reinvent the wheel because the wheel works just fine".
88 Mile Trip play foot to the floor stoner/desert rock of the kind made famous by Kyuss and Fu Manchu, albeit with  slightly less orthodox vocals, it's not gonna change the world and why should we want it to, let's just enjoy the fun of it.

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