Thursday 9 August 2018


So what do you get when you combine three Mexican musicians with a CV that includes Vinum Sabbathi, Bloodwitch and Powertrip? Well the answer is some white hot stonerized grooves, that along the way take in aspects of doom, hard rock, psych and proto-metal , all squeezed and compacted into three tracks of searing heavy rock music delivered under the banner of "Rivers of Gore" by a band with the same name.

Rivers of Gore are Samuel López (drums), Daniel García (bass) and Rolo Riemer (guitar/vocals), three guys, with a wealth of experience between them, who came together just to jam and lay down some riffs and soon discovered they had tapped into something a little special. The band call "Rivers of Gore" "an album full of fantasy and perfect to listen to while you violently cut your enemies into little pieces with a heavy rotten axe". Now that might suggest to the casual reader that this is some death metal tome full of harsh demonic vocals or even some swords and sorcery type power metal but the truth is this a collection of truly memorable stoner flavoured heavy rock with its roots sucking up nutrients from the pools of both doom and psych. Swirling guitar solo's , growling bass and punishing percussion permeate each of the three songs that make up "Rivers of Gore", with all three songs coated in low pitched and throaty vocal tones that tell evocative tales of anger, violence and bloodshed. The band utilise everything from lysergic acid laced proto-metal to doomic low and slow dynamics to decorate their grooves yet, by either luck or good judgement, manage to avoid falling into any one genre classification, the band routinely shifting up and down through the gears to keep things fresh, focused and on point.

Only three songs but "River of Gore" will take you on an uncompromising, unswerving and unapologetic journey through the darker recesses of a world that we all try to deny is there but all have to deal with on a day to day basis.
Check it out.....

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