Wednesday 27 March 2019


It always comes back to the blues, it has to, the blues is the most emotive of genres ever invented, it can make you dance, it can make you cry, it can be vitriolic and it can be complimentary, the blues is all things to all men (and women).
Sebas Bautista (guitars), Miguel Ortega (drums), Javyer López (vocals) and Pablo García (bass) are Electric Belt a quartet, from Jaén, Spain, who have a mojo and are not afraid to use it, a blues based band with a penchant for salting their delta grooves with a healthy dose of fuzz, as can be heard on their new album "Never Seen The Devil" (Discos Macarras Records).

"Never Seen The Devil" comes straight outta the traps with " Tavern Sinners Lament" a down home country blues romp complete with sliding guitar and a stomping bass drum accompaniment with López's big soulful bellow giving the song an authentic field hollerin' gravitas, a sound and groove that recalls the delta attack of USA's Left lane Cruiser. "Werewoolf Woman" follows and takes the form of a more modern blues rocker with Garcia's bass and Ortega's drums holding down the groove while Bautista fills the spaces with crunching chords and searing lead, López incredible voice proving to be the cherry on the cake his vocals bringing just the right balance of gritty might and measured soulfulness to proceedings. Next up, "The Liar Goes To Church", sees the band adding a little funkiness into the mix with Bautista's choppy guitar refrain driving the songs groove. Things take a drastic change in direction on "Hacia la Cueva de los Muñecos" the band sliding into a lysergic instrumental replete with tinkling bells, plucked bridge strings, hand percussion and jazzy six-string noodling before segueing into a bass heavy psychedelic Latin fusion groove, Normal service is resumed on title track "Never Seen The Devil" an epic twelve minute plus heavy blues that is the perfect vehicle for each member to showcase their instrumental and vocal skills both as individuals and as part of an ensemble.The band finish with another visit to the country blues of the first track with "Tired and Bored", it's tub thumping percussion, call and response vocals and superbly executed slide guitar ensuring you leave this album with a broad and cheesy grin spread across your face.

Superb from its opening note to its last "Never Seen The Devil" is an album that goes a long way in explaining why, when other music's may fall by the wayside, the blues remains still as relevant today as it has ever done.
Check it out …. 

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