Monday 25 March 2019


Desert Psychlist closed its review of Almost Honest's previous release "Thunder Mouth" with the words "Quirky, funky, gritty and raucous all wrapped up in one bundle might sound like a recipe for disaster but Almost Honest manage to pull all these threads together to create an album that is slightly different but highly enjoyable". Well the good news is the bands new album "Seiches and Sirens" follows much the same path, still quirky, still funky, still gritty, still raucous and still damn enjoyable, the bad news is.....well there isn't any bad news.

A galloping, almost thrash-like refrain introduces first track "Fools Gold Flesh" and from that moment on its all aboard the Almost Honest express to quirksville as the band steam through ten songs that run the full gamut of all that is good within the stoner/hard rock scene. Melody and might are Almost Honest's calling cards and they use both to great effect, crunching chord progressions and jagged solo's , growling bass lines and tight complex drum patterns populate weirdly titled songs like "Interstellar Executive", "Dancing Shaman and the Psychedelic Cactus" and "Jenny Greenteeth" and combine with the mix of off-kilter melodies, unconventional and quirky lead vocals and occasional bear like growls to create a sound that is as kooky and weird as it is breath-taking and brilliant!

If you are an underground rock fan looking for something in the vein of Sleep, Sabbath or Elder well then you might have lucked out landing on this review, but if you came looking for something a little wacky, eccentric and challenging that doesn't quite conform to the norm then "Seiches and Sirens" is the gift that keeps on giving.
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