Wednesday 5 August 2015

WHITE WAIL ~ Promising demo from these Oregon stoners

White Wail are one for the future if their excellent demo is anything to go by.
Chock-a-block full of late 60's early 70's psychedelic groove and acid rock grit  "The White Wail Demo" is a stunning mash-mash of influences and styles, in fact one of the joys of listening to these four tunes is spotting where and whom the influences came from. The Doors and Quicksilver Messenger Service are just two bands, I picked up on, hiding amongst White Wails sonic palette ,in fact I could name at least another six bands I hear in these majestic grooves but i'm not going to ruin anyone's fun by naming them, much more fun working them out for yourselves. Vocals on this EP are an utter joy, the singer channeling the spirits of both Morrison and Beefheart through his voice, howling, screaming, crooning and generally singing up a storm, unconventional, sometimes a little loose and chaotic but bang on the money. Musically White Wail nail it down hard, shimmering guitars, solid dynamic drumming, deeply delicious bass lines and all topped off with those amazing vocals. This band are not just about borrowing from the past though, no White Wail take those 60's/70's grooves and put a 00's stoner twist to them, adding and enhancing them with their own brand of hazy acid blues, taking a sound we are familiar with and redesigning it for today.

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