Tuesday, 4 August 2015

4 Ciénegas ~ Cuatro Ciènegas ..... Heavy Mexican Psych

4 Ciénegas are a supergroup, of sorts, consisting of members from the elite of Mexico's stoner/psych scene, Daniel (Los Dealers) - Drums,  Juan (Vinnum Sabbathi) - Bass, Fausto (Bar de Monjas) - Guitar and Gerardo (Bar de Monjas, Vinnum Sabbathi)- Guitar. In Febuary 2015 these guys went into a studio, pooled their resources and came up with an album of some of the heaviest fuzz drenched instrumental  psych'n'roll your likely to hear this year.

"Cuatro Ciènegas" is a massive album, filled to brimming over with intense fuzz drenched riffage. scorching guitar solos and hard, heavy rhythmic thunder. Made up of eight songs of speaker shredding distorted stoner psych, these tunes are heavier than a truck full of mercury yet are focused, never sloppy. The production favours the fuzz but not to detriment of the instrumentation, every individual performance can be picked out to savour and drool over, allowing the artists musical dexterity to shine through but not detracting from the overall impact of the music as a whole.
If you like heavy instrumental music, fuzzed to the max and garnished with superb musicianship then check "Cuatro Ciènegas". like a lot of things that come from Mexico it's hot and full of spice!

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  1. se oyen bien cabron, como si te cayera una barda de bloques encima y terminas riendote del viajezote