Sunday 14 June 2015

The Sun Giants ~ Seattle Trio Release Debut Album

Sun Giant are three people from Seattle,WA  Scott Paul - Vocals, Guitars, Tanya Paul - Bass and  Ryan Gill – Drums,  who like to play their brand of sand blasted rock hard, dirty and LOUD. If you need proof of this statement then take a listen to their debut album “Orion” which was released this month.

 The album opens its account with the rip roaring, foot to the floor rocker “Voodoo Eyes” all fuzzed up guitar and deeply distorted bass all underpinned with bombastic, Bonham-esque drums. It’s almost a relief when Scott Paul comes in with his vocal, neat melodic and clean with a slight grunginess in its delivery. Quite surprising as from the sonic assault of the intro I was kind of expecting the usual stoner growl. Next up is the “The Road of Kings” with its Nirvana type quiet, loud. quiet dynamic and if singles were still the way to promote albums then this would be my pick. Third track “Electric Mistress” an instrumental, sees the band get a little psychedelic and doomy and shows that this trio are not afraid to experiment. The next two tracks “Destination Orion” and “Blood Fire Horse” are pure desert with the former nodding its head towards Queens of the Stone Age and the latter having a more Kyuss feel. “Hour of the Dragon” comes in at just under three minutes and contains one of the best riffs on the album, a doomy swinging affair that I can imagine inducing those slow- mo head nodding, “oh yeah man” reactions at live gigs. It’s a real shame this is not longer. The album finishes with two instrumental jams, the first “Scarlet Citadel” a mid-tempo sand crusted burner that contains a sublime guitar solo and the second “Harvest The Sun” a fast paced stoner wig out that closes the whole proceedings with a dusty bang!

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