Wednesday 24 June 2015

Book Of Wyrms - Ricmond's space metal quartet release three song demo.

Being an avid follower of Bandcamp I’ve come to realise the importance of a good demo as a way of showcasing a bands talents and future potential. Many a time I’ve come across a band who although showing a ton of promise have just not put in the time on their demos and on occasions these demos have been almost unlistenable. This is not the case with Book of Wyrms.

Book of Wyrms are a four piece from Richmond ,Virginia and have just released, via Bandcamp, their first demo , a three song tour-de force of doomy thick riffage cleverly mixed with occult rock grooves and touches of late 60’s early 70’s psychedelic rock. Guitar duties are held down by Kelsey Miller whose gritty dark riffs and well thought out fuzz drenched solos give the band it’s metallic edge while behind him Chris DeHaven (drums) and Jay Lindsey (bass) keep things solid and heavy and on the more ambient/spacey sections really get to show their chops. Vocals are handled by Sarah Moore-Lindsey whose sweet occult-ish tones and slightly folky delivery are a stark contrast to the dark grooves surrounding her. It is this contrast combined with the use of spacey effects that give this band its unique sound


Remember this is a demo and when/if these guys get to make a full album these songs may be totally different or may disappear entirely but as a snapshot of a band who are at the beginning of their journey I highly recommend giving this a listen.

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