Monday 8 June 2015

Myopic Empire .......A South Essex Doom Duo

It is not often I get to introduce a band who come from my part of the world and even rarer that the band ply their trade in the doom genre.

Myopic Empire are from Southend-on Sea in South Essex, UK an area better known for its connections with blues and blues-rock, spawning bands like Dr. Feelgood, The Kursall Flyers and both guitarist Robin Trower and Procul Harem vocalist Gary Brooker, among others.

 Made up of two guys, Dean Derron  and Tom (no last name given) ,  who play guitars and basses, and aided by various bits and bobs of technology Myopic Empire create a doom sound that is very bottom heavy and very infectious. Vocals are handled by Derron and are clean, rugged and in places call to mind the desert grittiness of John Garcia, albeit with a South Essex accent, and are a perfect foil to the six string mayhem circling around them.

To date Myopic Empire have released two EP’s Myopeia (2013) and Doom (2015) both of which blend rumbling doom with elements of stoner metal distortion and Kyuss type heavy desert fuzz and I would recommend both of them to anyone who likes their doom a little sandy.

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