Tuesday 16 June 2015

Electric Valley.... Spanish Stoners Release Debut

Those of you out there who downloaded last years freebie EP "51973" from Spanish stoners Electric Valley will know that this bands music is a little more than just stoner by numbers, these guys are a little bit special.

Formed and based in Madrid, Spain Electric Valley are a trio made up of Charlie Sanchez-drums,
Mario Garcia-guitar and Miky Simon-bass and vocals and have been together for about a year, a pretty short time considering the fact they have already released one EP and just recently finished and released their debut album "Multiverse"

"Multiverse" is a stunning debut that takes the promise and raw creativity shown on "51973" and refines and polishes it in the form of eight new tunes of absolutely essential stoner excellence.
Opener "Lizard Queen" sets the tone for the rest of the album with it's rocket engine intro  leading into a salvo of drums, a delicious bass line and a glorious choppy guitar riff. This all opens the way for Miky Simons' vocal which has a gruff, smoky edge to it, not especially strong but with a soulful weariness that is a perfect fit for the bands sound.
 Other highlights are "Ufo's Rain" with it's lovely rolling riff that gives way to a gentle psych type lick just behind the verse and "King of Pluton" that although sits squarely in the stoner remit hints at a more experimental almost prog-ish side to their sound. The album ends on a high note with the beautiful "Minutemen's Ballad" an absolute gem of a track with every member, individually, playing out of their skins yet combining as a whole and giving everything to the song
Electric Valley are a band who play intelligent, well crafted stoner rock with touch of Soundgarden grunge/alt intensity and in my humble opinion have just released one of the best "rock" albums so far this year.

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