Tuesday 2 June 2015

Murder of Reality...Release Third EP!

Hamburg's Murder of Reality return with their third and best EP to date.
Musically "Walking Dead"  owes a large debt to Heaven & Hells "The Devil You Know" album it has that same more mature, darker riffage that Iommi employed at that time. Vocally though Captain Creek is his own man powerful, clear and with just the right amount of epic doom phrasing mixed in with a little grit in the upper register.

The first track "Walking Dead" is a brooding mid tempo doomy observation on the futility of people  marching to the beat of large corporations, following a path mapped out for us and excepting our lot in life. It is this track that  highlights that Heaven & Hell comparison with it's deep rumbling bass line leading the way before the guitar explodes into the main riff then collapses back down for the verse. The vocal for this song is just sublime, Captain Creek just nails the balance of frustration, anger and menace that the lyrics call for. This has got to be my favourite Murder of Reality song to date.

Track two "Pineal Variations" lyrically reminds me a little of Sabbath's" Into The Void"
 in that it uses space as it's theme but that's
where that comparison ends. "Variations" employs a superb stuttering riff backed up by some tight solid drumming that I defy you not to nod along to. For the first time on this record Captain Creek sounds a little Ozzy-ish with his delivery albeit with a little more grit. There is a great use of soundbites in the final third of this tune, a trend often overused in rock music but it works perfectly here.

Abyss the third and final track rounds things of nicely with a stoner paced groove and a slight nwobhm vibe. Captain Creek goes all out on the vocal here, never letting up and Adam Lake rips off a stunning Iommi-esque solo while all the time Jôrn Dackow on drums keeps everything grounded with exceptional timing and skill.

All in all if, like me, you are a fan of excellent trad. doom/hard rock then check these guys out NOW!

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