Sunday 23 May 2021

DREADNOUGHT IN THE POND ~ 0=1 .... review

Being totally honest we at Desert Psychlist had never heard of the subject of this review before we chanced upon this the bands latest, and first, full length studio release but we are damn sure we will never forget them now! The band in question go by the name Dreadnought In The PondRemco Tzukerman (guitar/vocals); Dmytro Pishko (bass/vocals) and Roma Kuz (drums), and hail from Ternopil, Ukraine and to describe what they bring to the table musically is probably one of the hardest tasks Desert Psychlist has ever undertaken. There are no convenient little genre labelled boxes to place Dreadnought In The Pond's music into and even if there were there are aspects of the bands sound that would still remain laying outside of that box in an unclassifiable heap. The band do try to help us out by describing themselves as a "prog band" but the music they play on their new opus "0=1" is unlike that played by any prog band we have heard before or may even  hear again.

 The best way to describe DITP's sound is to say it is a constructed noise, a complex noise, a sometimes unsettling noise, an often confused noise but for all that .. a beautiful noise, the nearest comparisons anyone could probably make to the bands sound would be that of The Mars Volta or possibly Tool but even then your arrows of comparison would be falling wide of their mark. DITP squeeze into their dissonant ditties elements of everything from punk to krautrock, their songs are sometimes loud and jarring, sometimes smooth and free-flowing, their vocals range from angsty screams through to clipped gothic croons and their grooves incorporate an astounding array of weird and wonderful instrumental tricks and effects, all of these elements combining together to create something that is totally unique and exciting if sometimes a little eclectic. What about the songs we hear you ask, well as we said in our opening piece DITP's sound is not something that lends itself to easy description and that goes for their songs too so we will just pick out what for us are a few highlights to be found on "0=1" like the wonderfully mind-blowing "Like Butterflies" with its grungy industrial groove and recurring guitar motifs and the epic centerpiece "When You Pass Away" with its ever shifting dynamics and dissonant lead work, but in all honesty there is not one song on "0=1" that you will wish to skip or scan over, each is a masterpiece in its own right even though each teeters precariously on the edge of falling into a glorious chaos.

Dreadnought In The Pond are not going to be everybody's cup of tea, there will be many out there for whom the bands schizophrenic musical attack will be a step too far out of their comfort zones, but for those who do get what this band are trying to achieve with their music then "0=1" will be like a gift from the Gods. 
Check it out .... 

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