Sunday 7 October 2018


Seville (Spanish: Sevilla) may be the home of the famous bitter oranges that bare the provinces name but there is nothing bitter about the music Sevillian sons La Cadena Psych Jamband deliver with their latest release "Hope?"  Thought you had heard everything that prog and psych could throw in your general direction, well prepare to be amazed by an album that raises the bar even higher.

Prog often gets a lot of bad press, overcomplicated, over technical and over complex are just a few things that get banded around whenever the word prog is mentioned but although a high level of musicianship is required to even be considered as a progressive band that doesn't mean you have to forgo things like feel and swing to play it with conviction. Spain's La Cadena Psych Jamband understand this and incorporate both those things, along with all the necessary musical chops to do so, within their spacy, lysergic grooves. From the Floydian soundscapes of "Going Home?", with its warm Gilmour like guitar tones and oriental flavoured backbeat, through the cosmos exploring rocker "Beyond The Shades", the excellent " Children", with its Gregorian like vocal harmonies and addictive pulsating groove, to the equally Floydian closer "Home" there is not a moment, minute or second where you can second guess where these guys are liable to take you and their music next.

Stunningly beautiful at times, rocking and raucous at others "Hope?" is an album that delivers on its title, giving "hope" to those that believe good, well played intelligent music will always rise to the top and be noticed not only for its technical prowess but also for its emotional impact.
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