Monday 1 October 2018

CAVALLI ~ HUGANTIC .... review

British underground rock is in a very good place indeed ,what with bands like Desert Storm, Sergeant Thunderhoof and Boss Keloid (among many others) all getting noticed, not only here in the UK but also further afield, it feels almost like another "British Invasion", similar to that of the early 70's, could be beginning to build momentum . Hoping to join the party are Cavalli, a politically aware trio from London's East End dealing in raucous punk tinted stoner/hard rock and metal, a band who have been releasing EP's and turning heads with their live shows since their formation. The band's latest release "Hugantic" is an EP that not only has the grooves to raise their profile in the UK, it also has the songs that could see them joining the ranks of those mentioned earlier in spearheading this new resurgence in British underground rock music both at home and internationally.

"Hugantic" kicks off with "Stronger" a raucous riff fuelled romp that takes no prisoners, its aggressive punkish vocals, roared and growled over a backdrop of unrelenting furiosity, hits the listener with the force of hurricane, a whirlwind of noise that sets the tone for the rest of the EP and tells you in just over three minutes more about this band than Desert Psychlist could tell you in three paragraphs. "Super Anal Man" follows, a song that rails against the abuse of privilege and boasts the immortal lines "You wasted all your life thinking that you were Superman, everything sorted out by mum, spending daddy´s cash on drugs" sang over a groove that nods towards both the 90s desert rock scene of California's Palm Desert and the British punk scene of the mid to late 70's. Next up is "Holy Communion" , a furious  lyrical tirade against religion accompanied by a deliciously addictive guitar motif, reminiscent of something you might find on an early Cult album, driven by growling bass and insistent, solid drumming. Next track "No Borders" voices a thinly veiled ant-Brexit message around a groove that is a little  heavier, sludgier and more metallic than what has passed previously while "Flat Earth" pokes a stick at the narrow minded and blinkered over a furiously paced sonic onslaught flecked with bluesy guitar colourings.

Social commentary pitched against a soundtrack of punkish ferocity and dank metallic sludginess in a scene known for its songs about weed, wizards and witchcraft might be a bridge too far for some but for those of you with an open mind and a social consciousness Cavalli might just be the band you have been searching for
Check 'em out …..

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