Thursday 13 April 2017


Kitchen Witch, Georgie Cosson (vocals), Simon Elliott (bass), Conor Kinsella (guitar) and John Russo (drums) hail from Adelaide, South Australia jamming a groove that mixes the psychedelic blues of The Big Brother and the Holding Company with the stoner/desert grooves of Kyuss fronted by big Joplin-esque vocals and underpinned by big thundering rhythms and thick fuzzy refrains.
The band who in their own words state they are "Too Bluesy for Metal, Too Heavy for Blues"are now releasing  their first full length ,self-titled, album "Kitchen Witch"(Kozmik Atifactz) a compendium of tracks gleaned from their two previously released EP's "Trouble"(2015) and "Back To The Mud"(2016)

From the moment the needle drops on "Kitchen Witch"'s first track and the listener is assailed by the heavily fuzzed riffage of "Slipstream" it becomes glaringly obvious that Kitchen Witch are not one of those archetypical stoner blues bands that are currently the vogue these days, Kitchen Witch are a force to be seriously reckoned with. Blessed with a vocalist of truly immense power and tone whose vocals walk a line between those of the legendary Janis Joplin and those of not so legendary, but just as impressive, Stone The Crows chanteuse Maggie Bell, Georgie Cosson is a woman who can hit a note and hold it in a way some can only dream of, her mix of raw bluesy power and smooth velvet croon a masterclass in vocal gymnastics. Behind a good voice you need a good band and in Elliott, Kinsella and Russo the vocalist has found the perfect match, Kinsella's dark and sometimes doom-ish, guitar work backed by Elliott's grizzled bass lines and Russo's pulverising and solid percussion at times wrestle the spotlight away from Cosson's impassioned and emotive vocals, taking things to another level on songs like the rocking "Delusion", the emotional and eclectic "Like Blood" and the highly psychedelic and hazy "Smoking",  band and vocalist combining musicality and passion in equal abundance.

If you already own the bands previous EP's then your already familiar with the songs on "Kitchen Witch" and the quality of both the performances and songs herein, still its nice to have them all in one place. If though your coming to Kitchen Witch anew then be prepared to have your mind well and truly blown.
Check 'em out ......

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