Friday 28 April 2017


Kent was once known throughout the UK as the "Garden of England" due to it's vast orchards, allotments and  hop fields, sadly though those days when London's poorer families would flock down to Kent to spend their summers picking hops to supplement their meagre incomes are now long gone but fear not someone planted a fuzzy seed transported from the Palm Desert home of Kyuss and Unida into Kent's fertile soil and it's started grow!
Jukebox Monkey are Dabs (vocals and guitars), Chris Harris (guitars), Niki Jones (vocals and bass) and Pete Nightingale (drums), four guys from Gravesend, Kent with a penchant for fuzz soaked riffage flecked with desert attitude and southern grit who are now preparing for world domination with their latest album "Grey Skies, Red Planet"

Raucousness and riffery are the order of the day as Jukebox Monkey lay waste to the world with wave after wave of  fuzz pedal informed hard rock and desert groove flecked with bluesy shades and southern rock colouring. Pulverising and relentless grooves of molten hot desert metal with titles like "They're Building A Gallows", "This Septic Isle" and "Liquid Mistress" hit the listener like a freight train careering out of control, each song replete with clean throaty vocals roared over and around stuttering guitar refrains and scorching solo's bolstered from beneath by grizzled bass lines and powerhouse percussion.

Jukebox Monkey deliver, with "Grey Skies, Red Planet" an album that is totally and utterly addictive and one whose grooves leave the listener bloodied, bruised and battered but eager to hit repeat and have it happen all over again!
Check it out ......

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