Saturday 4 July 2015

YEAR OF THE COBRA ~ Seattle bass and drum duo release "The Black Sun" EP

Some bands like to surround themselves in a cloak of anonymity , giving out very little information allowing their music to speak for them instead, Year Of The Cobra are one of those bands.
This is all well and good and gives a band an air of mystery and intrigue but when it comes down to the humble blogger trying to write a review it can be a nightmare.
Their FB page describes them as "Two individuals who play heavy music" and going by their photo's Year Of The Cobra are a male (drums) /female (bass and vocals) duo from Seattle,Washington who are influenced by Black Sabbath, and that's about it information-wise. Their music though DOES speak for itself.

"The Black Sun" is a wonderful three song EP of stripped back occult/lo fi doom carried by the sweet, haunting, ethereal voice of the bassist, who also lays down some utterly infectious, deep distorted four string grooves Her male counterpart meanwhile keeps the rhythm tight and solid underneath and on the third and final track "Wasteland" really shows that he's not just there to keep time but that he's also an integral part of the YOTC sound, pounding into the skins, cymbals crashing and sticks flying all around his kit, driving the sound with feral abandon.

Year Of The Cobra may like to play it a little coy and close to their chests but if they carry on making music this good it won't be long before everyone knows who they are.

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