Monday 20 July 2015

Finnish psych rockers JUPITER release "Interstellar Chronodrive"

Jupiter, the fifth planet from the sun and also a Finnish stoner/heavy psych band. What do they have in common I hear you ask? Well nothing really but I was struggling with an intro to this review and that's the best I could come up with........At least i'm being honest!

"Interstellar Chronodrive" is a sprawling album of heavy psych bombast incorporating elements of hard rock/stoner fuzziness and cosmic space rock trippy weirdness. With songs  titles such as "Dispersed Matter/Astral Portal", "In Flux" and "Spirit of the Leech" you can sort of guess these are not going to be tunes about women, trucks and beer unless of course if those women are trucking across the cosmos with a couple of six packs, (idea for a song there guys),  no these boys are aiming a little higher. Fronted by the melodic voice of Tuukka, who also plays a mean guitar, and supported by the dynamic rhythms of Mikel (bass) and  Liehis on drums ( last names are soooooo
yesterday) Jupiter at times wander in to the heady realms of progressive rock  with angular time changes, jazzy progressions and complex arrangements but they manage to balance this all with enough gritty fuzzed out riffage and foot to the floor rock'n'roll attitude to please even the most discerning stoners and doomers out there.
Sterling stuff!

Looking back I may well have nailed it with that review intro, Jupiter, band and planet are both heavy and both OUT THERE

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