Thursday 16 July 2015

The Doctor will see you now... France's DOCTOR DOOM release debut

The type of bluesy, doom infused stoner grooves that bands such as Graveyard, Witchcraft, Horisont and Lonely Kamel have made so popular over the last few years has mostly, with a few exceptions come from Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, Norway etc. Well now France's Doctor Doom want a piece of the action and have just  released their debut " This Seed We Have Sown"

Doctor Doom, from Pamiers, France and consisting of Jean-Laurent Pasquet : vocal / guitars, Jérémie Delattre : Guitars / backing vocals, Sébastien Boutin Blomfield : Bass, Keys and Michel Marcq : Drums,  have taken that Scandinavian menu of gritty stoner riffs, bluesy hard driving rhythms and doomy 60's psychedelics and slapped a little French dressing and Gallic flavour to the mix  and served it all up in one killer album.

The first thing that hits you about " This Seed We Have Sown" is the vocals, laid back and darkly melodic with a cool late 60's vibe. It is these vocals, solo and harmonised, combined with the high level of  musicianship shown throughout, that sets this album apart from others of its ilk.
Musically the band beg, borrow and steal from every genre and era, blending jazzy chord progressions to bluesy licks and  psychedelic noodlings , and peppering it all with some stoner fuzz and occult/retro rock grooviness. This is not one of those albums that gets in your face and demands your attention, no this is subtle in its approach, growing on you track by track until finally your powerless to resist its sonic charms. and are forced to press that re-play button for another hit

A cynic might argue that we have enough bands ploughing this particular furrow and do we really need another Graveyard or Kamchatka? Well to some point I would agree, the stoner market does seem to be getting a little saturated with similar sounding bands but I feel Doctor Doom have that little extra quality that elevates from also-rans to contenders.
Check 'em out see what you think.....

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