Saturday 4 July 2015

COSMIC NOD ~ Welsh psych wizards release stunning two track EP

The Cosmic Nod hail from Cardiff, Wales and contain among their ranks two members of  The Witches Drum, Mat Warren (guitar) and Owen Griffleson (bass) plus  Luke Llewellyn (drums), With a little help from Tom Rees (keyboard,voice) and Grant Jones (voice on Black Rubber) they have just released "The Cosmic Nod EP" a spectacular near 30 mins of psych soaked instrumental mayhem that'll just blow your mind.
If you dig the guitar heavy noodlings of Earthless or the instrumental interludes of Dead Meadows then The Cosmic Nod are going to be right up your street. Never being one to shy away from taking the lead role in a band  Mat Warren's six-strings are the dominant force in these recordings, whether its wah drenched soloing, ambient psychedelic arpeggios or just riffing out with his foot on the fuzz pedal the man never ever falls into the trap of soulless shredding, every note is played with passion and feel. Griffleson and Llewellyn's contributions should not be ignored either, the bassist laying down some exotic deep rumbling lines on quieter passages and going toe to toe with the guitarist on heavier ones Llewellyn too is awesome using every part of his kit to good effect, shimmering cymbals, tinkling jazzy percussion or just pounding the hell out of his skins. Tom Rees's keyboard should not go ignored either adding texture and filling the gaps with lysergic colour

I'm not sure whether this is just a Witches Drum side project or whether this is a new chapter for Warren and Griffleson but I'm liking what i'm hearing and i'd most definitely like to hear more.

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