Thursday 9 July 2015

SHAYK ~ Detroit's sleazy stoner trio release EP... Volume 1

Detroit trio Shayk are not a band who are likely bust out a few country tunes about losing your woman/farm neither are they going to write some beard stroking contemplations on the meaning of life and man's place in god's great scheme. No Shayk's sound and groove is more akin to concrete pavements, tall buildings and dilapidated warehouses, in other words Shayk's sound comes from the street.

Made up of   Scott Cox; Guitars and Vocals,  Larry Patrick; Bass and  Scott Switzer; Drums (although Dave Arney plays drums on the album) Shayk have just released their new EP Volume 1, a collection of  sleazy urban anthems shot through with bluesy grooves mixed with a touch of funky swagger.
 Cox's vocals, a mixture of stoner grit and street savvy arrogance are delivered with an almost rap like rhythm  and are superbly complimented by his incendiary fuzzed out guitar playing, laying down infectious funky riffs and bluesy solos. Scott Switzer must be a hell of a drummer to have replaced Dave Arney as the latter is all over these tunes, working his kit like a whirling dervish on amphetamines .At the bottom end we have Larry Patrick,  his bass locking in tight with Arden's drums yet loose and sassy when the dynamics dictate.

Together these guys have produced an EP that takes the hard rock blueprint of the 70's, dirties it up with some fuzzy stoner rock and then smears it all in a large dollop of street corner funky blues.

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