Thursday 30 July 2015

Catch the SPACE EXPRESS with the Czech Republic's /\ / LAMBDA

Got to admit to some confusion here as on Bandcamp "Space Express"is credited to /\ but when you delve deeper and take a look at the bands line-up they collectively go under the name of Lambda. Things get further mixed up when you notice that they are refered to as /\ / Lambda on their Facebook page. So for the purposes of this review I will refer to them as Lambda

Comprising of Tomáš Zimmerman - guitar,  Václav Ruttkay - bass,   Filip Faschingbauer - guitar and Matěj Kräussl - drums, Lambda are from the Czech Republic and deal in a style of music that I suppose could be described as post-stoner, a sound that sits somewhere between the experimental krautrock of Colour Haze and the more guitar orientated psych of Earthless. Blending these two styles together the band have created their own unique sound, a sound which is displayed to  startling effect on this their debut EP "Space Express".
 The bedrock of Lambda's sound is the heavy (but not brutal) rhythms created by the backline of Ruttkay and Kräussl whose sometimes tight hard rock, sometimes loose funky rhythm work lays a solid foundation on which the two guitarists can riff and solo to their hearts content. Faschingbauer and Zimmerman compliment each other perfectly whether it's laying down some funky wah or ripping a dirty fuzzed up riff both guitarists understand their place in the music, duelling but never trying to outdo each other, painting sonic portraits from their six string palettes.
"Murder In The Zen Garden" is the only non-instrumental on "Space Express" and includes a superb vocal from Black Velvet Suicide's David Kaplin and includes the immortal line "Mother Nature... she created stoner rock"...... says it all really.

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