Friday 17 July 2015


The words "southern", "fried" and "genocide" are three words that are bound to catch the eye of any stoner, doomer or hard rock fan who spends long hours perusing the internet for interesting new sounds, and when those three words are then joined by another two like "electric" and "mayhem"...... well you got to check it out

.First off  lets get something out of the way.... Southern Fried Genocide are a band that are bound to draw comparisons with Maryland's famous sons Clutch, owing to vocalist Steve O's similar preacher in the pulpit delivery, but whereas Neil Fallon and the boys tend to lean heavier on their hardcore roots "SFG" have a more organic southern rock vibe going on
So what do you get for your money?
Well ."Electric Mayhem" is a butt-kicking album of joyous rock'n'roll energy married to stonerized metal riffage, blues infused solos and thick swampy rhythms. From opening track "Blood On My Hands" to the epic instrumental closer "Jimini Cricket"(every southern band has to have its own "Freebird") not a note is wasted, a drum fill out of place, everyone playing out of their skins, working for the song.

All in all "SFG's" "Electric Mayhem" is an album of extremes, extremely well played, extremely infectious and extremely good and if Clutch float your musical boat then your gonna love these guys.

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  1. I miss being in this awesome band. Most of all I miss my family that is SFG