Tuesday 21 July 2015

Austria's SAVANAH release debut album DEEP SHADES

In February of this year Austrian trio Savanah released  "Deep Shade" the first track from their debut album of the same name.. It was a gem of a track full heavy stoner riffs and psychedelic atmospherics and resulted in them getting some considerable airplay via local Austrian radio stations. Today the band  released the full album and it's been well worth waiting for.

"Deep Shade", in my opinion, is one of those albums that has the potential to make many of those end of year best of lists so beloved of the stoner community's blogs and websites, containing as it does all the elements that us denizens of the "underground" music scene look for in our music. If you want riffs "Deep Shade" has got them, thick fuzzy and catchy as hell, if your looking for fiery guitar solos, strong vocals then look no further, majestic bass lines and furious drum work, its here, Colour Haze type heavy psych?..... yeah these guys can do that to. The level of musicianship and tight interplay throughout these five tracks is truly stunning and the fact that Savanah only formed in 2014 makes it even more astounding.

Do yourself a favour and check these guys out and if you don't come away dazzled and bewildered  by the awesome sonic attack that these three Austrians deliver....
well then you better check your pulse...there's a good chance your dead.

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