Thursday 9 July 2015

MOTHER MOOCH ~ Occult grooves from the Emerald Isle

 Hailing from Dublin, Ireland and consisting of five members, Mother Mooch are one of those bands that once you hear them you will never forget them,
In March this year, after a few years of changing line-ups and gigging the circuits, the band finally found a sound that worked for them and decided to release their first EP "Preludes"

"Preludes" consists of three tracks of superb occult-ish desert rock, fronted by the sultry and warm tones of Chloë Ní Dhúada and backed up with some superb musicianship and super tight grooves from the rest of the band, Sid Daly - Guitar and vocals, Farl - Guitar, Barry Hayden - Bass and Danni Nolan - Drums.
Opening track "L.H.O.O.Q" kicks off proceedings with a pure desert rock groove, fast paced and with one of those chugging riffs that us stoners find irresistible. Short sharp and to the point and  containing enough hooks to fill a fishermans basket this ROCKS!
"Into The Water" begins with a single picked guitar arpeggio over which the second guitar lays  beautiful psychedelic tinged colours. Ms Ni Dhúada's vocal, haunting and seductive, floats above and around the music, smooth and with no histrionics she compliments the arrangements never overpowering them. This is my favourite track on the EP
"Sinners" sees the band get a little up -tempo bluesy with a riff  Led Zep's Jimmy Page would be proud of. Ni Dhúada is no Robert Plant so instead she employs a little more swing to her vocalising and in doing so brings a Celtic vibe to the bluesy groove that takes the song from  the southern swamps of the USA  to the muddy bogs of Ireland with startling effect.

The blurb at the bottom of Mother Mooch's Bandcamp page states this EP is a sampler for a forthcoming album so fingers crossed there will be more coming from this band very soon!

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