Saturday 16 January 2021

MAW ~ MAW ...... review

Not too long ago a video was posted on a Facebook page that Desert Psychlist is involved with featuring an instrumental piece called "Citizens of Dunes" by a Polish quintet going by the name of MAW, the song had a Colour Haze/ Sungrazer feel that immediately struck a chord with us so a few comments were made beneath the post expressing our approval. These comments were responded to by Martyna Hebda, one of the bands two guitarists, who then went on to inform us that the band were working on an album, in answer we suggested that the band should consider Bandcamp as an option for its release and  Martyna said the band would look into it, they did and here it is ...... 

What that Facebook video did not tell us was that not only could the band lay down some hot instrumental jams (incidentally "Citizens of Dunes" does not appear on the album)  but they could also write a good lyric and that they also had a pretty decent vocalist in Piotr Stachowiak (he didn't appear in the video) who could do those lyrics justice. Stachowiakis' vocals are served up clean, smooth and clear and when combined with his slight accented delivery they give the songs on "MAW" a distinctive and unique dynamic, as good as Stachowiakis' vocals are it is the interplay of Hebda and her fellow six-stringer Kuba Stępień that is MAW's real selling point. Hebda and Stępień weave a special kind of  magic over songs like "Dissolve", "Awake" and the epic "Call", their two distinctly different tones compliment each other perfectly whether they are trading off licks, jamming on a riff or simply negotiating their own spaces within the groove. Of course without a good rhythm section to back them up vocals and just guitars can tend to be a little like having your meat without your potatoes, the meat is tasty but you need the carbs to add both bulk and contrast. Those carbs are supplied by Piotr Stępień (bass) and Michał Gawroński (drums), the pair providing the perfect platform for Hebda and K.Stępień to launch their dual guitar attacks from and for Stachowiakis to hang his vocals on, Gawroński's drumming tight solid and industrious, P.Stępień's bass fluid and flexible, the five musicians coming together to create a dish that is both filling and full of flavour.

If your a fan of the type of psychedelic tinted stoner/desert rock that gave us the likes of Yawning Man, My Brother The Wind, Naxatras and Sungrazer and you like those grooves with a similar low key vocal dynamic to that of Colour Haze then you cannot fail to enjoy what MAW bring to the table with their self titled debut "MAW"
Check 'em out .....

© 2021 Frazer Jones

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  1. Thanks! That is indeed quite a record to listen to.