Monday 7 December 2020


Lock yourself in a darkened room with pot of herbal tea and some exotic smoking material, turn on your 70's retro lava lamp and press play on your listening device of choice and allow Satorinaut to take you, via the medium of their latest album "Exclusive All Inclusive", to a place where the skies are a multitude of colors and the sun is emblazoned with a permanently smiling face.

Satorinaut are Krisztián Megyeri (drums); Bence Ambrus (guitar); Róbert Kránitz (bass) and Dávid Nagy (vocals/narration), four Hungarians from the city of Budapest with a love of a lysergic laced groove. If Desert Psychlist were to make any comparisons to the sound Satorinaut create with their blend of heavy psych and proto-metal then the best we could probably come up with is that of cult American acid rockers The JPT Scare Band, the two bands sharing a similar penchant for endless (but never boring) guitar solos screaming and wailing over a mixed backdrop of sometimes insistent and strident, sometimes languid and laid back rhythms. Where Satorinaut differ from their North American cousins is that where The JPT Scare Band might have opted for an occasional wander into more traditional rock waters Satorinaut seem to prefer to spend their time basking in the haze of the psychedelic sunshine. To describe "Exclusive All Inclusive" as a "trip" seems a little lazy and a bit of a cliché but try as we might we cannot really come up with a better description for the four grooves Satorinaut present us with here, especially when those grooves are combined with occasional spoken vocals that go a long way in adding an extra dimension of cosmic spirituality and otherwordlyness to the bands overall sound and sonic impact.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the truth, unity and love show" is the legend that adorns the lyrics of opening track "Sacred Superheroes" words that just about sum up Satorinaut's hippy-ish 60's ideals and 70's musical attack, who in their right mind could resist such a warm and inviting welcome.
Check 'em out .... 

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