Tuesday 10 November 2020

ORBITER ~ LEAD HEAD ...... review


Orbiter, Ivan A. Reigstad (bass, lead vocals); Kim Rune Johansen (guitar) and Pål Gauslaa Sivertzen (drums) are a Norwegian trio from Oslo, not to be confused with the Finnish band of the same name (who Desert Psychlist strongly suggest you check out too), this Orbiter leans a little more towards the stoner/desert rock of Sasquatch, Fu Manchu and Clutch than the more doomic outpourings of their Scandinavian neighbours, something this Orbiter's latest EP "Lead Head" will more than attest to.

"Crunch" is the heavily distorted sound that comes out of an overdriven amplifier when a guitarist hits a fat power chord with a lot of dialed in gain so it would be fair to say that the three songs, that make up Orbiter's new EP "Lead Head", are blessed with more than their fair share of that "crunchiness". "Lead Head" has a sound that harks back to the early days of the stoner/desert scene, its songs are strident, punchy with an aggressive edge yet at the same time packed with clever little musical hooks and vocal melodies to catch the ear and retain the listeners interest. All three songs, "Lead Head", "Goldenboy" and "To The Sun", possess their own individual charms, all are played with passion and skill and all have that undefinable magical ingredient that ensures repeated plays way beyond their release date.

If your a fan of 90's hard/stoner rock and have yearning for the days when played bands played their grooves with an untamed vigour and vitality then Orbiter could well be your next favourite band. 
Check 'em out .... 

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