Friday 22 December 2017

TREMØR ÅMA ~ TREMØR ÅMA (EP 2017) ..... review

When a band cite their influences as Black Sabbath, Pantera, Kyuss and The Sword (among others) the listeners expectations are understandably going to be geared towards hearing a certain generic sounding proto-doom/metal groove. What a surprise then to find that the band in question, Tremør Åma  (Creil, France), leans towards a grungy psych groove flecked with prog- like metal texturing, a sound that permeates every nook and cranny of their debut EP "Tremør Åma (EP 2017)".

"Another Day" kicks things off with bassist Kévin Antunes locking into a heavily effected circular riff accompanied by Maxime Lesage's sympathetic percussion before being joined by the guitars of Remi La Marne and Simon Leroy in a swirling psychedelic groove enhanced by a clever use of dynamics and subtle shifting time signatures. Over this maelstrom of groove singer Raphael Guichard delivers strong clean vocal tones, his powerful voice containing a gritty (but not overly so) edginess, a voice perfectly in synch with the deliciously diverse grooves it sits upon. The band follow much the same blueprint throughout the rest of the EP, crunching metallic grooves flecked with touches of grunge like dynamics dipped in a psychedelic wash with "Sylbaris", a stunning song that shifts back and forth between gentle ambience and crushing brutality, the highpoint.

If your looking for something a little different from the usual riff'n'roar and you like a few subtle lysergic shades thrown in with your raucous riffery then "Tremor Amma (EP 2017)" could be just what your searching for
Check it out .....

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