Saturday 9 December 2017


Deadly Vipers, a quartet hailing from Perpignan, France consisting of  Fred (vocals), David(guitar), Thomas (bass) and Vincent (drums), deal in grooves of no nonsense rock'n'roll that are two parts stoner/desert fuzz, one part raucous hard rock and one part bluesy classic rock all parts of which can be heard on the band's debut album "Fueltronaut"

The band kick things off with a "Fuel Prophecy", a brief instrumental built around crunching riffage and rolling percussion, then plough straight into "Universe" a sweaty hi-octane fuzz fest that has more than a whiff of the Truckfighters testosterone fuelled attack about it. This track is a monster and it's full on assault on the senses may have fuelled a few of the Kyuss/Truckfighters comparisons that Desert Psychlist had read prior to this review but there is far more to Deadly Vipers than just a kicking groove and a fuzzy riff. Dig a little deeper into "Fueltronaut" and among the fuzz and distortion you will start coming across little touches of classic rock texturing and dynamics as on he excellent "The Prey Goes On" where the fuzz subsides for a moment and the band drops briefly into a more laid back rock groove before erupting again into its initial raucous refrain or on the Bad Company/Free like "Stalker" where the vocalist  does a sterling job of conveying the songs emotions with a superb range of vocal pyrotechnics, all bluesy crooning one minute full on rock god roar the next.

The vocalist is ably supported throughout the album by a strong rhythm section with the drums and bass creating a series of strong foundations for the guitarist to overlay with big crunching chords and well chosen solo's ,the quartet coming together as a whole to create an overall sound that although not totally unique and original is nonetheless highly enjoyable.
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