Sunday 11 December 2016


Desert Psychlist has said it before and will probably say it again, music coming out of Norway has an edgy slightly twisted feel that no other country seems to be able to replicate.
Sunface are no exception to this rule, the three piece, Martin Horn Sørlie (drums), Jon Haugnes Karlsen (guitar/vocals/lap steel) and Kyrre Sundt (bass), from Akershus, Norway jam a groove that although taking in elements of doom, stoner, psych and post-rock finds itself sitting a little to the left of centre to all of them, as can be witnessed on the bands new album "Observatory".

The dark distorted powerchords that introduce opening track "Tower Of The Sun" are an early indication of the dark destinations Sunface wish to take their listeners to with their brand of down tuned doom'n'roll. Songs like "title track "Observatory" with it's spacey doom groove, the instrumental "The Meteor pt 01" and the atmospheric and moody "Ancient Astronaut" weave elements of doom and psych into sonic tapestries of post-rock/space fabric, creating vast and intriguing soundscapes that are sometimes a little bleak and disturbing but always interesting.

Sunface fill every nook and cranny of "Observatory" with dark swirling swathes of doom-tinted refrains, supported by complex rhythmic patterns and gnarly bass lines, that are then coated in gloriously gothic type vocal melodies that although are not always an easy listen are nonetheless a rewarding one.
Check 'em out ....

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