Tuesday 13 December 2016


Desert Psychlist returns once again to Greece the birthplace of philosophy and home of the legendary Spartans, this time for a band going by the name Cyanna Mercury, a quintet comprising of Spyreas Sid - vocals & percussion, Nick Sid - keyboard, Diamond Pr - guitars, Dennis Panagiotidis - drums and Dimitri Georgopoulos - bass.
Cyanna Mercury hail from the Greek capital Athens and were formed in 2014, after releasing a series of tantalising singles and one EP  the band have just released their first full length album "Archetypes".

"Archetypes" is an album that revels in it's diversity from the torch like opener  "Horse Dark As Night" with it's Morrison-esque vocal crooning, through the lo-fi doom of "The Lunatic" with it's eerie use of keyboards and bouzouki past the gothic tinted paean " Ode To The Absent Father" and the Doors-like "Snake" onto the quite surreal and utterly beguiling closer "There Will Be A Time"  Cyanna Mercury leave nothing that the listener can find to hang a convenient tag on to.
Wonderfully left of centre and defying any type of genre categorization "Archetypes" is an album that dazzles and disturbs in equal measure.
Check it out .....

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  1. Deep, direct, visionary! Ordered the vinyl after one listen. Definitely on my top albums of 2016