Wednesday, 28 December 2016


Sweden has an uncanny knack for turning out quality underground music, especially that of the doom variety, whether your looking for something traditional (Candlemass, Count Raven), something with a touch of desert/stoner colouring (Witchcraft, Serpent) or something a little low-tuned and heavy (Monolord, Spelljammer), Sweden always seems to deliver.
Kinglord from Stockholm definitely fall into the latter category, playing downtuned, riff heavy atmospheric grooves coated in powerful clean vocals as can be heard on the bands brand new self-titled EP "Kinglord"

First track "Salmon And The Snake" opens with a droning synth and heavily effected guitar motif and is then joined by the bass and drums in a pulverising bottom heavy refrain that repeats for a few bars before morphing into chugging heavy stoner doom groove that lays the foundation for the vocals. Powerful and clean the vocals swoop and soar above the monolithic grooves beneath them and giving those already quite substantial grooves a whole extra sonic dimension.
"Judas Priest" follows and begins with foghorn-like synth effects, evoking an image of ships crossing mist shrouded waters, before segueing into a slow plodding heavy doom groove overlaid with a powerful slightly gothic vocals. Atmospheric and moody, with clever injections of synth and guitar colouring weaving in and out of the heaviness, the song slowly builds until finally exploding into an uptempo stoner doom groove in its last quarter and taking things to a gloriously noisy finale.
"Kim Bong II" lays down the fuzz heavy and hard over a backdrop of deeply distorted bass and thunderous pounding percussion interspersed with synthesiser/keyboard flourishes and deliciously dark clean vocals and brings to a close an EP that ticks all the boxes the listener expects to be ticked when dealing with quality Swedish doom.
Check it out .....

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