Friday 9 December 2016


Maryland's Pearly Goats describe what they do as " A heathy mix of riffs, doom. punk and hippie shit all blended together for some good old sonic escapism" and that just about sums up the bands fourth and brand new release "Death and Reckoning".

"The Hole" opens proceedings with a fuzzy mid tempo tune that has a touch of Drive By Truckers alt. country rockiness in its vibe, a vibe that is further enhanced by guitarist/vocalist Jay Schlosberg's excellent blend of indie/country tinted vocal tones.
"Paw Paw" is up next and sees drummer Wilmer Earl Berry Jr. and bassist Paul Kelley laying down a slightly alt./grunge groove around which  Schlosberg  provides a deliriously effective guitar motif and a vocal melody that listeners will be singing long after the track finishes.
"Sweeper" follows and has Pearly Goats drifting hazily into the realms of the lysergic and jazzy with a stunningly beautiful slow burning psychedelic tome that builds layer by glorious layer and sees Schlosberg laying down a swathe of shimmering guitar colouring over and around Kelley and Berry Jr's sympathetic backing.
"Be Them" ramps up the grungier elements of the bands sound but salts those elements with a touch of doom-like atmospherics giving the whole groove a sort of  Seattle alt. heroes Nirvana meets, Finnish doomsters, Vinum Sabbatum  feel, a strange blend but perfectly palatable.
"Slow Tomb" closes "Dead and Reckoning" with a riff fuelled instrumental groovathon of guitar led pyrotechnics that sees Schlosberg referencing everyone from The Byrds Jim McGuinn to Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page in his excellent choice of notes and sonic delivery all superbly held up by Kelley's liquid bass lines and Berry Jr's jazzy drumming chops.
Pearly Goats "Dead and Reckoning" sits a little left of field to much of the doom and stoner rock coming out of the Baltimore, Maryland scene but do not let that for one minute stop you giving this little beauty a spin, it rocks...a little differently but rocks nonetheless
Check it out.......

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