Tuesday, 7 February 2017


Double Horse a three piece doom metal band from Valencia, Spain may not be high on the radars of many stoner/doom and psych devotees right now but the trio of Indio ( lead guitar and backing vocals), Pablosky (bass guitar and backing vocals) and Guille (lead vocals and drums) could soon be changing  all that if the raw doom drenched grooves found on their self-titled debut " Double Horse" are anything to go by.

Uncompromising grooves of doom in their rawest form are the order of the day for Double Horse, the Spanish bands sonic attack of low/slow untamed riffage driven by thundering percussion and salted with elements of space and psych, are further enhanced by the addition of low monotonic vocals giving the bands overall sound an eerie occult feel. Songs like "The Seventh Seal", "Feudalism"  and "The Other Side" although having a traditional stoner doom root probably veer nearer to the cosmic doom grooves of Ufomammut than they do that of  Sabbath or Electric Wizard owing to the swirling spacey undercurrents laying beneath each songs surface.
Raw and a little naïve in places "Double Horse" is nonetheless a fine debut from a band we should all be keeping our eyes and ears on for the future.
Check 'em out ......

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