Thursday, 23 February 2017


Question: What do you get when you stick five guys, from Baltimore, Maryland, with a penchant for heavy metallic music, weed, magic and dragons, in a studio together?
Answer: "Blood Mist" (Grimoire Records) kick-ass EP packed to the brim with grizzly riffage, scorching bluesy solo's, pummelling heavy rhythms and cool, clean  massive vocals!

Blood Mist are John de Campos (drums), Matthew Casella (vocals), Nick Jewett (guitar), Kevin Considine (guitar), and Scott Brenner (bass), a band of hairy desperados intent on melting faces, destroying villages and scorching the earth (their words) with their brand of gnarly doom tinted stonerized metal.
Dio-esque lyrics of mythical landscapes and combat are powerfully roared over a backdrop of doom-like dynamics enhanced by a mixture of crunching riffage, twin guitar harmonies and searing guitar pyrotechnics all underpinned by a skilfully solid and extraordinarily adept rhythmic base. The bands blend of old and new school  heavy metal and doom inform each and every one of the five tunes on "Blood Mist" giving songs like "Burn The Trees" and "As the Crow" a feeling of familiarity yet at the same time maintaining a freshness and vitality that confirms they are very much of today.
Check 'em out .....

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