Thursday, 9 February 2017

DDENT ~ آكتئاب

DDENT, an instrumental quartet from the "City of Love" Paris, France have been together as a working unit since their formation in 2013. The band, Louis (guitar, Marc (drums), Nico (bass) and Vinz (guitar), jam a groove that takes in elements of doom, prog and post-metal, blending these elements into a sound that is totally unique and totally their own and is one that can be witnessed on bands brand new album "آكتئاب"

Whether laying down grooves populated by post-rock texture and brutal doom-like riffage ("Arzel", "Kohol"), serving up huge ambient soundscapes ("Harbouz", "Julep") or just getting damn right proggish ( "Ghazel", "Azahar") DDENT do so with a confidence and musical skill that some bands don't achieve after a lifetime together. Each song on " آكتئاب" is layered with swathes of colour and texture, their grooves opening slowly like flowers to reveal a heart of fragile beauty then gradually closing as the darker edges of the bands sound draw in around them like a cold hard frost. Heavy, tender and intelligent in equal measure "آكتئاب" is an album that those toying with the idea of trying something from the cupboard of post-rock delights for the very first time should really check out.......

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  1. as always, your description pulled me in Frazer . I dig !