Friday, 10 February 2017


Sometimes no matter how diligent and finger-on- the- pulse Desert Psychlist tries to be some albums and EP's still manage to wriggle past unnoticed. "Space Tribe" by Mexican riff warriors 3Wheeler Band is one such release to dodge the net (the album was released at the ass end of December 2016) but thanks to an email from the band themselves this oversight has now been rectified.

Beginning with a brief intro of various effects cleverly called "Intro" "Space Tribe" then erupts into a series of gnarly stoner grooves populated by crunching guitar riffage and hard driving stonerized rock rhythms coated in larynx tearing vocals. Adrian G (vocals/ guitars), Davo C (bass) and Jose M (drums) lay down incendiary grooves  that although being informed by a love of classic rock bands like Deep Purple, Cream and Zeppelin are just as heavily salted with the more recent desert/stoner sounds of the likes of Atomic BitchWax, Clutch and Red Fang. Songs like, the wah drenched title track "Space Tribe", "I Ride", with it's NWOBHM galloping bass line and the Captain  Beefheart -ish "The Last Heavy Blues", borrow heavily from both the early and late 70's but are tempered with modern stoner/psych textures and colouring giving them a contemporary yet still very underground feel.
Check 'em out .....

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