Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Strange how things seem to go in the life of a music blogger, three hours after discovering Swiss groovsters Carson's new album on Bandcamp and spreading the news all over social media sites I get a message from a friend that the band have decided to call it a day due to their singer and guitarist emigrating to New Zealand. Oh well if your gonna call it quits at least go out on a high and that's exactly what the band have done with their first (and last) full album "Drown The Witness".

Title track "Drown The Witness" burst into life on a heavily fuzz soaked circular refrain, that recalls  those early desert rock grooves coming out of the Palm Desert area in the early 90's, with the songs sonic attack leaning more towards the harder edged riffage of Dozer than the sandier psychedelic tinged grooves of Kyuss. Guitarist and vocalist Kieran Mortimer-Jones chops out gritty powerchords and curly little licks over which he delivers gritty clean vocals that are superbly bolstered by a hurricane of rhythmic might supplied by the engine room of Jan Kurmann (drums) and Elina Willener (bass). Gritty, dirty with a totally addictive groove it sets the tone for the rest of the album with songs like "Divided", "Chicken" and "Amber" following similar paths of warmly fuzzed desert grooviness played hard fast and deliciously dirty. The band do though have other strings to their bow like on "And His Bone" with its gnarly grungey/alt-rock groove, "Mold" with its lysergic intro and funky psych interludes and the bluesy desert vibes running through "Pissing In The Wind" enhanced by quiet/loud/quiet dynamics.

Overall Carson have with "Drown The Witness" made an album that should appeal to both those who like their grooves down and dirty and those who like their music a little more cerebral, its just a damn shame it has to be their swansong.
Check it out ....

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