Saturday 26 September 2020

ROLLIN' DICE ~ REROLL ...... review

If you, like Desert Psychlist, often find yourself grabbing a dog eared copy of an old 70's classic from your record collection over something a little more current and of the day then the subject of this review is going to help you find a balance between your love of what came before and what is of the now.
Greece's Rollin' DiceAntonis Karathanasopoulos (guitar/vocals); John Robas (bass/backing vocals) and Aggelos Kalogiannis (drums), are a band with their feet in two camps, one in the crunching, yet classy, territory of 70's hard rock, the other in the more fuzz obsessed territory of stoner rock, with most of their weight being carried on the former rather than the latter, as can be witnessed on the bands second album "Reroll".

We have spoken on these pages before of bands managing to capture the "authenticity" of an era and thus avoiding the accusations of plagiarism or becoming classed as retro, bands not just rehashing or rearranging old riffs but bringing something new to the table while still remaining true to the feel and tones of those classic grooves that first inspired them. Rollin' Dice are one such band that fall into that category their grooves, birthed from a love of  70's classic rock, are packed solid with everything you could possibly hope for from a band working in this genre, screaming guitar solos, tight solid  rhythms and rock god vocal pyrotechnics, but are executed with the freshness, vitality and originality of a band in the here and now. Yes you can reel off a dozen classic bands that you are reminded of while listening to songs like "With You", "My Way" and "Into The Fire", Montrose, "In Rock" era Deep Purple later Budgie, early Rainbow and even first album era Rush (to name just a few), but that is all it is "a reminder" because Rollin' Dice ,as a whole, sound like no other band OTHER than Rollin' Dice

Bluesy hard rock with a "classic" 70's bias undershot with just a hint of old school metal swagger and new school stoner strut and attitude is what we, at Desert Psychlist, are hearing while listening to Rollin' Dice's "Reroll" and what we are hearing is very good indeed!
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