Sunday 11 August 2019

MORENO ~ NÓMADES ... review

Formed in 2008 Argentina's Moreno, Juan Martín Sosa (drums), Nacho Telleria (bass) and Mariano Morero (vocals/guitar), have been consistently delivering quality stoner/desert rock to the masses via their live gigs and a series of well received albums and EP's (most of which are available as free downloads on their Bandcamp pages). The band return this year with "Nómades" an album, it could be argued, is their best release to date, a mesmerising blend of grainy hard rock and stoner grit decorated in clean punk(ish) vocal textures (Spanish).

An insistent drum pattern, accompanied by a busy, busy bass line introduces first track "Buscar la muerte" and is then joined by a circular six-string motif before then falling into heavy stoner groove over which are delivered strong, slightly untamed but hugely effective vocals punctuated by equally effective guitar fills and solo's, the trio telling you, in just one song, everything you need to know about the rest of the album. Moreno are not a band trying to pretend to be anything else other than what they are and what they are is a kick-ass rock'n'roll band with a penchant for Sabbathesque flavoured riffage played with Motorhead like ferocity. Vocals throughout "Nómades" are sang in Spanish but even if you have no understanding of the language just the feel they convey on songs like "Todos los vientos terminan en el médano","Jabalinas" and "Auroch"  should be enough to have you reaching to press repeat again and again.

Great artwork, great grooves "Nómades" is the complete package, an album that delivers on all levels and one that hopefully may cause those who refuse to listen to anything not sang in English to seriously think again.
Check it out .....

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