Tuesday 6 August 2019


Dread Father want to make you an offer you cant refuse, four tracks of desolate low, slow doomic splendour for the one time only price of your mortal soul., well a few dollars actually but "your mortal soul" sounded a little more "doom"
Dread Father, a trio from Charlotte, North Carolina, are, despite a (present) lack of social media presence, starting to cause a few  ripples of interest to spread around the underground rock scene thanks in main to the unannounced arrival of their self titled debut album "Dead Father" on the hallowed pages of ye old Bandcamp, If those ripples have not quite reached your end of the pool yet then please read on.....

Dread Father deliver with their debut album four tracks of desolate and distorted doom served up achingly slow and devastatingly low, songs decorated in slightly monotonic but mainly clean vocals with just a hint of a demonic growl thrown in to keep things interesting. Now there are plenty of bands out there (we are not mentioning names) doing the same sort of thing so why should you give these guys a listen we hear you ask, well the answer to that is that many of those bands have been around for a number of years and in that time have lost a little of their raw edge and with access to better studios and well respected producers/engineers their sound has tended to become a little polished, with Dread Father however those edges are still as raw as an open wound. On songs with occult(ish) titles such as  "The Ritual", "The Arrival", "The Revival" and "The Divination" guitar tones are dialled to desolation and thrum menacingly like overloaded power cables while underneath drums crash and pound in slow steady unison. Its not all dank dismal devastation however, there are rare occasions when the band pull back the dark curtains and allow a little sunshine into the room, these moments come in the form of lysergic textures and psychedelic colourings and although brief they do give some welcome respite amidst all the rumbling monolithic mayhem.

Raw, a little naïve in places, but wholly entertaining "Dread Father" is a fine, if not a perfect, debut from a band who if they play their cards right could well find themselves being mentioned alongside those bands we didn't mention earlier
Check 'em out ….

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