Wednesday 22 November 2017


We tend to wax lyrical about Sweden's stoner doom scene, Greece's raucous forays into southern tinted hard rock and the burgeoning psych coming from South American countries like Brazil. Chile and Argentina yet there are plenty more countries quietly producing quality underground rock that are rarely mentioned. One of these countries is France, the home of romance and fine dining has, over the last few years, been churning out a steady stream of quality music with bands like Glowsun, Mars Red Sky and just lately The Necromancers making significant splashes in the swimming pool of the international underground scene. The latest band, hoping to follow in those footsteps, is SIN a trio from Rennes, France consisting of Gus Paulhan (guitar/vocals). Célestin "Toutouille" Hérault (bass /backing vocals) and  Flavien Gouault (drums / backing vocals) who have just recently released their debut EP "Moonrise"

So what do you get for your money? Well for starters there is only three tracks but at 09:16, 06: 33 and 17:21 respectively you get a fair return for your hard earned dollar. First track "Church" is a doom tinted, fuzz drenched riff-fest driven by ferocious rhythms over which a mixture of clean solo and harmonised vocals are delivered. The song goes through a series of subtle shifts in tempo and time taking in elements of raucous desert rock, crunching doomic atmospherics and even a little lysergic texturing on the way. "Bad Surprise" follows and begins with a stuttering stop/start guitar refrain before falling into a slightly funky grunge-ish groove, fragmented by moments of gnarly fuzz, coated in a similarly toned vocal melody that has a slight Alice In Chains type vibe. "The Sun" closes "Moonrise", an atmospheric tome of epic proportions that meanders through a myriad of differing musical soundscapes over its lengthy duration climbing to soaring fuzz drenched heights one minute, descending into laid back lysergic ambience the next yet managing to retain its focus throughout. Suprisingly, and given that SIN are a heavier band, Desert Psychlist was reminded, in places during this song, of British melodic prog rockers Wishbone Ash, not so much by the musical grooves on offer but by the sometimes prog/folk-like tones of the songs vocal harmonies.

Swathes of grainy warm fuzz, a strong lead vocal backed up with strong harmonies supported by booming bass lines and dynamic percussion, "Moonrise" is a stunning debut from a band with a promising future in front of them.
Check it out ....

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  1. Thx a lot man ! We're gonna share that on our page !!! As it is our first record, it's amazing reading this kind of stuff about us, thx again. :)