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Rahu (Vox, Guitar, SFX), Markiz  (Guitar), Radek -(Bass) and  Michal (Drums) are Doomster Reich, four guys from Łódź, Poland influenced by the likes of Can, Hawkwind and the MC5 as well as all the usual doom and stoner suspects. The band have been hawking their wares around their home country since their formation in 2014 and in that time have released a number of well received albums, EP's and singles and are now busy promoting their latest opus "Drug Magick"

Things kick off nicely with first track "Gimme Skelter" a rabble rousing ditty that has a distinctive "garage" feel thanks in main to it's excellent retro feeling production and played live in the studio execution, the band coming across in places like a mix between California's Nebula and present day Welsh stoners Dope Smoker thanks to the similarities in both musical and vocal delivery. "Rites of Drug Magick" follows and has that same garage/stoner vibe but here the band add an element of doomic dynamics to the mix ramping up the atmospherics with slightly danker WHA drenched guitar tones and a heavier, thunderous rhythmic attack. Both songs top the ten minute mark and both songs are notable for going off on tangents into lysergic territory with guitars swirling and swooping over backdrops of undulating rhythmic might. These detours into more cosmic and experimental climes are continued right through "Drug Magick" with songs like "Round The Bend Satan", "Meet The Dead" and "Chemical Funeral" fusing elements of doom and desert rock with, Earthless-like, psychedelic guitar wizardry anchored from beneath by throbbing bass lines and pulverising percussion and coated in clean distinctive vocal tones, The band save their best for last though in the shape of a twelve minute epic entitled "Black Earth, Red Sun", a song that sees Doomster Reich experimenting with a myriad of differing dynamics, SFX and tempos, the band taking their listeners on sonic journey's through ever shifting landscapes on wave upon wave of breath-taking lysergic groove.

If you are looking for something to consolidate your love of Kyuss, Nebula and Earthless with an appreciation of the garage rock of The Stooges and the MC5 but are also partial to a touch of Sabbath-esque proto-doom then look no further, Doomster Reich are YOUR band!
Check 'em out ...

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