Tuesday 7 November 2017

C.O.D. ~ CAME OUT DAMNED .... review

The beauty of the internet for a music fan is that he/she is no longer restricted by borders, it is now possible, for those with more adventurous tastes, to access music from right across the globe, from Australia to Outer Mongolia, and all from the same device you use to talk to your friends or order your pizza's from. This can also work from the opposite direction with bands able to reach out to those who may have an  interest in their work via e-mails and social media, it was through this process of mutual interaction that Desert Psychlist became aware of Romania's C.O.D 's latest album "Came Out Damned".

C.O.D., Stanciu Dragos (vocals, guitar), Stoicescu Liviu (bass), Irmia Vlad -(guitar) and Dumitrascu Mihai (drums), advise listeners to dial their music systems to eleven, when listening to their latest album "Came Out Damned", for that ultimate experience and it is true that the higher volume is a perfect fit for the bands mix of southern tinted stoner metal and grunge flecked metal. Crunching distorted riffage played over grizzled bass lines and pounding drums are the bedrock around which C.O.D. build their songs and these things alone would tempt the casual listener to give the eleven songs on "Came Out Damned" a listen but there is more to be found here than just riffs and rhythms. Neo-classical style guitar solo's and those of a more psychedelic nature are weaved in and out of hard rocking grooves peppered with alt/grunge dynamics coated in strong and distinctive throaty vocal tones pushed hard by a strong and vibrant rhythm section, the resulting mix of styles and execution giving songs with titles like "No Rest For The Wicked","Blackend" and "Light It Up" an almost classic/hard rock vibe in places. It is however when the band veer into darker territories that things get really interesting as on the metallic stoner-ish "Bury Me" and the throbbing proto-doomish "Become", the band showing not only can they hold their own in the rocking stakes but they can do intense and deep too.
Check em out ...

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  1. Nice review Frazer! I hit up their bandcamp page and bought a copy. Keep up the great posts! Cheers man!