Wednesday 1 March 2017


Never has anyone deserved a credit on more albums, EP's and singles than that old fallen angel Satan, it's no wonder they call rock and blues music "the devils work" the dark one has his hoofprints stamped all across it. Nowhere can these satanic influences be more witnessed than on those sounds emanating from the doom, metal and occult scenes, and no one does heavy doom and occult metal better than Strange Broue.  If you think that's an overstatement then wait until you hear the bands new opus "Séance -The Satanic Sounds of Strange Broue".

Like a documentary on  occultism "Séance" is an album split between heavy grooves of dark, dark doom/occult riffage, ritual chanting and samples of narrative, taken from a variety of sources, telling a potted history of Satanism and the dark arts. Like sitting through the best tutorial you've ever attended it is sometimes easy to forget you are listening to a music album but when those grooves do pop their heads above the altar table they soon make their presence felt by the sheer force of their dark and unsettling intensity. Thick slabs of gnarly, grinding riffage render the air with hurricane force  underneath which a tornado of percussion is deployed, pounding and crashing like a poltergeist trying to make its presence felt. Over this demonic barrage of malevolence vocals are delivered in a variety of demonic tones telling of " Satan's slaves" and "Candles burning" sometimes sang, sometimes chanted and sometimes howled, combining with the music to create a sound that is unnerving and just pure evil.
  "Séance is not an album you can easily cherry pick your favourites from, this is an album you really need to immerse yourself in, live with, to appreciate it's full glory/horror....but not alone!!!!!!
Check it out .....

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