Saturday 4 March 2017


Ethereal and atmospheric are two words often bandied about when discussing music found within the genres and sub-genres of the doom scene but never have two words seemed so fitting as when applied to Californian doom rockers King Woman's new opus "Created In The Image of Suffering" (Relapse Records)

Dark and moody with a hazy psychedelic feel "Created In The Image of Suffering" is a startling atmospheric album full of  dynamic twists and turns, telling tales of love, loss and longing over a backdrop of at times jarringly brutal, at times heart wrenchingly beautiful, dark velvet metallic tones of doom. Ethereal vocals, delivered in hauntingly sweet, breathy tones float over sweeping arpeggios and crunching riffage, built on a platform of intricate and complex drum and bass patterns.
Kristina Esfandiari's vocal delivery throughout "Created In The Image of Suffering" is a revelation and a shining example of how less can sometimes be more, her hushed. slightly droned, tones bringing a deep emotional gravitas to lyrics like "I'd wash your feet with my dirty hair, and you know I love you with all my heart"("Deny") and "All I ever wanted to be, you strip a sense of self from me"("Worn") filling them with a sense of melancholy and regret that is both touching and beautiful. Combine this with the stunning and breath-taking levels of musicianship, that are the canvas on which these lyrics are painted upon, and you have an album that not only can make you bang your head but may also make you cry.
Check it out ......

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